Camera Ready Guidelines

To ensure your paper is included in the Springer’s CCIS without delay, please adhere to the following:

Revise your paper by considering all the reviewers’ suggestions and comments.

The paper must follow the CCIS author guidelines here.

The templates for CCIS style:

Word Template Here | Alternate Link

Latex Package: Here | Alternate Link

Please also submit a report on how your paper was revised in response to the reviewer’s comments in text format.

Each figure mentioned in the manuscript must be provided as an individual high-resolution image file and all the image files must be combined (compressed) into a single ZIP file.

Complete the ACeS2020 Consent to Publish in CCIS (Springer) form in PDF format.

Consent to publish form is available at here

Provide the report of plagiarism checker (either CrossCheck or Turnitin)

Send the revised full paper together with the report as well (at most 25% similarity only).

In summary, please prepare the items (a-f) below in a folder, Compress the folder into a ZIP file, and email the ZIP file to with a Subject: ACeS 2020 Paper ID: XX

a. The revised full paper in PDF format and provide source file of the paper (MS Word/ Latex source file).

b. The ACeS 2020 Consent to publish in CCIS (Springer) form in PDF format.

c. The revision report on how you revise your paper according to the reviewer’s comments and suggestions.

d. The ZIP file of all the figures in the manuscript.

e. A Readme.txt file in text format containing the corresponding author's name(s) and email address(es).

f. The similarity report (CrossCheck or Turnitin).

Please note: Since all accepted manuscripts will be forwarded to Springer by 2nd November 2020, authors must confirm their registration by 25th October, 2020. The camera-ready papers must be submitted by 15th November, 2020 to be included in the publication