Presentation Timetable

Second International Conference On Advances In Cyber Security (ACeS 2020), 8th-9th December 2020.

* Each presentation will be 20 minutes, 15 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for Q & A sessions.

Note: All presenters should already received an email about the guidelines to join the conference, If you did not receive the email, email us at for help (Please check your junk email/spam folder, in case it is mistaken as spam).

Time zone: (UTC +8) Kuala Lumpur, Singapore

Day 1 (Tuesday, 8th December, 2020)
09:00AM -
Opening Remarks for ACeS 2020
Time Session 1 Session 2
09:30AM -

Improving the authenticity of Real Estate land transaction data using Blockchain-based security scheme

Mohammed Shuaib, Shadab Alam, and Salwani Mohd Daud

Face-based Graphical Authentication System using Hybrid Images

Assim Sulaiman Khaled and Yvonne Hwei-Syn Kam

09:55AM -

Proof-of-Work Difficulty Readjustment with Genetic Algorithm

Zi Hau Chin, Timothy Tzen Vun Yap, and Ian K. T. Tan

A Tele Encephalopathy Diagnosis Based on EEG Signal Compression and Encryption

Azmi Shawkat Abdulbaqi, Salwa Mohammed Nejrs, Sawsan.D.Mahmood, Ismail@Ismail Yusuf Panessai

10:20AM -

Multi-Factor Authentication for an Administrator's Devices in an IoT Environment

Abdulla J. Y. Aldarwish, Ali A.Yassin , Abdullah Mohammed Rashid, Aqeel A. Yaseen, Hamid Alasadi and Ahmed A. Alkadhmawee

Pilot Evaluation of BlindLoginV2 graphical password system for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Yean Li Ho, Michael Teck Hong Gan, Siong Hoe Lau[ and Afizan Azman

10:45AM -

Software Defined Networks centered group based access control service for Internet of Things applications

Antony Taurshia and G. Jaspher W. Kathrine

Evaluating Pairing-Free Identity-based Identification using Curve25519

Jason Chia, Ji-Jian Chin, and Sook-Chin Yip

- 11:35AM

A Labeled Transactions-based Dataset on the Ethereum Network

Salam Al-E'mari, Mohammed Anbar, Yousef Sanjalawe and Selvakumar Manickam

Modifications of Key Schedule Algorithm on RECTANGLE Block Cipher

Abdul Alif Zakaria, A. H. Azni, Farida Ridzuan, Nur Hafiza Zakaria, and Maslina Daud

11:35AM -

ID-PPA: Robust Identity-based Privacy-Preserving Authentication Scheme for a Vehicular Ad-Hoc Network

Murtadha A. Alazzawi, Hasanain A.H. Al-behadili, Mohsin N. Srayyih Almalki, Aqeel Luaibi Challoob, Mahmood A. Al-shareeda

Blockchain-Based Content Sharing and Data Repository System

Kean-Wah Cheng and Swee-Huay Heng

12:00PM -

Internet of Things security: A survey

Shatha A. Baker and Dr. Ahmed S. Nori

The Impact of Elliptic Curves Name Selection to Session Initiation Protocol Server

Ali Abdulrazzaq K., Awos Kh. Ali, and Supriyanto Praptodiyono

12:25PM -

DDoS Attack Detection in IoT Networks Using Deep Learning Models Combined with Random Forest as Feature Selector

Minhaz Bin Farukee, M.S. Zaman Shabit, Md. Rakibul Haque, and A H M Sarowar Sattar

A Novel Approach of Text Encryption using Random Numbers and Hash Table

Abhilash Kumar Das, Nirmalya Kar

Time Session 3 Session 4
02:05PM -

A State of the Art Survey and Research Directions on Blockchain based Electronic Voting System

Uzma Jafar and Mohd Juzaiddin Ab Aziz

A Review on Malware Variants Detection Techniques for Threat Intelligence in Resource Constrained Devices: Existing Approaches, Limitations and Future Direction

Chimeleze Collins Uchenna, Norziana Jamil, Roslan Ismail , Kwok-Yan Lam

02:30PM -

Security in IoT: Threats and Vulnerabilities, Layered Architecture, Encryption Mechanisms, Challenges and Solutions

Bahareh Pahlevanzadeh, Sara Koleini, and Suzi Iryanti Fadilah

Rank Aggregation based Multi-Filter Feature Selection Method for Software Defect Prediction

Abdullateef O. Balogun, Shuib Basri, Said A. Jadid, Saipunidzam Mahamad, Malek A. Al-momamni, Abdullahi A. Imam, and Ganesh M. Kumar

02:55PM -

SMOTE-Based Framework for IoT Botnet Attack Detection

Abdulaziz Aborujilah and Rasheed Mohammad Nassr, AbdulAleem Al- Othmani, and Nor Azlina Ali,Zalizah Awang Long, and Mohd Nizam Husen, Tawfik Al-Hadhrami, and Hideya Ochiai

Metaheuristic Based IDS Using Multi-Objective Wrapper Feature Selection and Neural Network Classification

Waheed Ali H. M. Ghanem, Yousef A. Baker El-Ebiary, Mohamed Abdulnab, Mohammad Tubishat, Nayef A. M. Alduais, Abdullah B. Nasser, Nibras Abdullah, Ola A. Al-wesabi

03:20PM -

People, Process And Technology For Cryptocurrencies Forensics: A Malaysia Case Study

Sarah K. Taylor, M.Sharizuan M.Omar, Nooraiman Noorashid, Aswami Ariffin, K.Akram Z.Ariffin, and S.N.Huda S.Abdullah

An Integrated Model to Email Spam Classification Using an Enhanced Grasshopper Optimization Algorithm to Train a Multilayer Perceptron Neural Network

Sanaa A. A. Ghaleb • Mumtazimah Mohamad • Fadzli Syed Abdullah • Waheed A. H. M. Ghanem

03:45PM -


Amir Zulhilmi, Salama A Mostafa, Bashar Ahmed Khalaf, Aida Mustapha and Siti Solehah Tenah

Spam Classification based on Supervised Learning using Grasshopper Optimization Algorithm and Artificial Neural Network

Sanaa A. A. Ghaleb • Mumtazimah Mohamad • Fadzli Syed Abdullah • Waheed A. H. M. Ghanem

04:10PM -

Malware Detection in Word Documents using Machine Learning

Riya Khan, Nitesh Kumar, Anand Handa, and Sandeep K. Shukla

Rule-based SLAAC Attack Detection Mechanism

Nazrool Omar and Selvakumar Manickam

04:35PM -

A Performance Study of a Modified Grey NetworkTraffic Prediction Mechanism

Catherine Lim Siew-Hong and Yu-Beng Leau

Static Ransomware Analysis using Machine Learning and Deep Learning Models

Kartikeya Gaur, Nitesh Kumar, Anand Handa, and Sandeep K. Shukla

05:00PM -

Finger Vein Presentation Attack Detection with Optimized LBP Variants

Janie Lee WQ, Thian Song Ong, Tee Connie, HT Jackson

The Importance of IDS and IPS in Cloud Computing Environment: Intensive Review and Future Directions

Aws Naser Jaber, Shahid Anwar, Nik Zulkarnaen Bin Khidzir, and Mohammed Anbar

Day 2 (Wednesday, 9th December, 2020)
Time Session 1 Session 2
09:30AM -

Understanding cyber security awareness level of cyber users in Malaysia: A review

Malathi Letchumanan, Muhammad Rezal Kamel Ariffin

Compromising the Data Integrity of an Electrical Power Grid SCADA System

Qais Saif Qassim, Norziana Jamil, Maslina Daud, Norhamadi Ja’affar, Wan Azlan Wan Kamarulzaman, and Mohammed Najah Mahdi

09:55AM -

Towards Understanding the Challenges of Data Remanence in Cloud Computing: A Review.

Usman Mohammed Gana , Aman Jantan, Mohd. Najwadi Yusoff, Ibrahim Abdullahi, Ubale Muhammed Kiru, and A.A Kazaure

Ensemble-based Logistic Model Trees for Website Phishing Detection

Victor E. Adeyemo, Abdullateef O. Balogun, Hammed A. Mojeed, Noah O. Akande, Kayode S. Adewole

10:20AM -


Yudhi Fajar Saputra and Mahmoud Ahmad Al-Khasawneh

Evolving Rules for Detecting Cross-Site Scripting Attacks using Genetic Programming

Hasanen Alyasiri

10:45AM -

Comparing Network Resilience against DistributedDenial-of-Service (DDoS) on the Cloud

Yichiet Aun, Yen-Min Jasmina Khaw, Ming-Lee Gan and Vasaki a/p Ponnusamy

A Review on Social Media Phishing: Factors and Countermeasures

Jetli Chung, Jing-Zhi Koay, and Yu-Beng Leau

- 11:35AM

Study of Container-Based Virtualisation and threats in Fog Computing

Poornima Mahadevappa and Raja Kumar Murugesan

Protecting Data Privacy and Prevent Fake News and Deepfakes in Social Media via Blockchain Technology

Tee Wee Jing and Raja Kumar Murugesan

11:35AM -

A Detailed Analysis on Intrusion Identification Mechanism in Cloud Computing and Datasets

Aws Naser Jaber, Shahid Anwar, Nik Zulkarnaen Bin Khidzir, and Mohammeds Anbar

A Review on Detection of Cross-site Scripting Attacks (XSS) in Web Security

Jun-Ming Gan, Hang-Yek Ling, Yu-Beng Leau

12:00PM - 12:25PM

Protecting Data by Improving the Performance of Controlling Expansion Method

Tohari Ahmad, Herdito Ibnu Dewangkoro, Waskitho Wibisono, and Royyana Muslim Ijtihadie

Proposal For Physiological-Resilience Usability Model In Security-Enhanced Mobile Application For Secure Travel

Ranil Lee, Lee Jun Hong, Chuah Wan Wah, Luo Kai Wen, Lokman Mohd

12:25PM -

Proposed Efficient Conditional Privacy-Preserving Authentication Scheme for V2V and V2I Communications Based on Elliptic Curve Cryptography in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks

Mahmood A. Al-shareeda · Mohammed Anbar · Selvakumar Manickam · Iznan H. Hasbullah · Ayman Khalil · Murtadha A. Alazzawi · Ahmed Shakir Al-Hiti